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Teaching Materials for Telling Tales

Out of  In School

Engaging, Time-saving Teaching Materials for Busy Teachers

Oh those curriculum guidelines… so many expectations, so many requirements, so many students, so little time!

A Teacher’s Tale of Woe

Here’s a sample of the guidelines you may have received to help you focus your classroom activities and ensure the success of each young person that crosses your threshold in a year.  (with a little updating)

Oral Communication 
Students will:
1. listen … uh huh
2. use speaking skills … constantly
3. reflect on ….  the mirror in the bathroom

Students will:

1. read …… texts on their phones
2. recognize a variety of text forms … email, smileys
3. use knowledge of words …. LOL, FAQ, B4
4. reflect on …  the last Facebook post

Students will:
1. generate, gather, and organize ideas … for  PRT  2NITE
2. draft and revise their writing …  before tweeting
3. use editing, proofreading, and publishing skills … setting up auto-correct
4. reflect on … the number of ‘Likes’ received

The Bottom Line
We must ensure that our students gain ...
Knowledge and Understanding 
and develop the skills of ...

Teaching Materials that Tell It All

The challenges faced by teachers today in grabbing and maintaining the attention of our students are enormous.
                                                       But we have found something that really works!

Well, actually this method has been around since the time when humans first started communicating with each other. You could say that it’s tried and true .

Heard Any Good Tales Lately? 

When parents wanted to teach their children about staying safe from wild animals, what did they do? 

They told them stories! Memorable lessons were passed down from generation to generation through the use of parables, fables, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, myths and legends.

Research has proven that storytelling is one of the best ways to transmit information, share histories and teach lessons.  Stories connect our own experiences with those of the characters we read or hear about. Listening to or reading these tales can tap into each of your students’ learning styles by calling up visual, auditory and even kinaesthetic responses. Teaching with tales can be an effective tool in your classroom. 

All it takes is an eager teacher with the right teaching materials.

This Isn’t Just Any Old Wives’ Tale

Throughout our many years of teaching, we have developed materials that take advantage of the power of story to enhance the learning experience in many areas of the curriculum. Capturing the imagination and enthusiasm of all participants through reading, performing, and playing with the ideas presented in story form has given great enjoyment for both student and teacher on the way to achieving the expectations set out in the various curriculum guidelines. 

Just one more quote from the official document if you don’t mind……


Students need well-developed language skills to succeed in all subject areas. The development of skills and knowledge in language is often enhanced by learning in other subject areas. Teachers should ensure that all students have ample opportunities to explore a subject from multiple perspectives by emphasizing cross-curricular learning and integrated learning.

In integrated learning, students are provided with opportunities to work towards meeting expectations from two or more subjects within a single unit, lesson, or activity. By linking expectations from different subject areas, teachers can provide students with multiple opportunities to reinforce and demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a range of settings.

We have created to provide you with some ready to print teaching materials that use story, drama and music integrated into several areas of curriculum.

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Live to tell the tale!