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About Us

Scruffy Plume's was created to encourage the arts in education through providing ideas and ready made teaching materials for teachers and parents.

English Teaching Materials

Carolynn Rogers

During more than 30 years of teaching in the primary and junior divisions (general classroom, French, music,computer, library, enrichment), I found that the most enjoyable and effective methods of reaching and teaching children was through the arts. Many students who had little interest in school or who were negative about the whole situation, came alive when given the opportunity to develop skills and express themselves through drama, dance, visual arts and music.

While formal classes aimed specifically at these skills could enhance the school day for many students, I found the greatest power of the arts was in their informal integration into other subject areas... 'two birds with one stone'... so to speak.

French Teaching Materials

Patricia Cash

 Pat is also a veteran of many years of teaching French as a Second Language as well as all subjects in the general classroom. Her expertise is well recognized and was often put to use in working with young teachers in training at the university level.

 She began writing French plays to motivate her students and to encourage them in the use of oral structures learned in formal lessons.  The plays, based on universally known tales such as Snow White and Peter Pan, were also presented at numerous spring and Christmas concerts. Although the parents  were not themselves French-speaking, they rarely had any any difficulty understanding the stories and enjoyed seeing what their children were able to accomplish in a second language.

 Pat's easy French Tapsy Tales collections (fairy tales and fables) and TIbbi Tales (myths and legend) will have your students jumping at the opportunity to participate orally in class!

You may have come across Wanda. She brings many years of experience in performing in puppet plays and musicals. She has recently begun to try her hand at script writing. Wanda can be a little over dramatic and verbose at times, but I suppose some advanced vocabulary materials won't hurt!

Wanda's first contribution was to the advanced vocabulary versions of the Aesop's fables in English.

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