French Language Teaching Materials

As teachers of French as a second language, we know how difficult it is to find French Language Teaching Materials written at an appropriate level for beginning students of any age. To help to fill the gap, Teaching With Tales has developed a wide variety of narratives, play scripts and activities based on well-known fairy tales, fables, myths and legends that can be used with a wide range of age levels. Even adults love the traditional tales they remember from their childhood years! Already being familiar with the storylines, students find it easier to understand the characters, settings and plots of the stories presented in easy French. 

One main focus of these teaching materials is to encourage the oral participation of even the most reluctant of students. For this reason, we encourage the use of puppets as well as live actors using the play script versions of the tales in each series. Written and oral activities and games included in each series support your French language lessons in vocabulary, grammar, and structure.

Tales to Tell in the French Language

Browse through the links below to find teaching materials that would appeal to you and enhance your lessons. When you click on the eBook covers, you will be taken to a full description of the particular series of tales. Sample pages can be viewed to help you to determine whether the level is appropriate for your students. 

Ésope encore
Short fables in easy French with narratives, play scripts and activities

Mythes grecs
Entertaining Greek myths retold in Easy French

Fantaisies françaises
Familiar fairy tales to read and perform with games and activities

Easy and Advanced       - 2 versions of Native American Creation Myths

Aventures en drame
Humorous play script versions of fairy tales and legends

Les Aventures de Thor
Exciting tales of Thor the Norse god of thunder

Drama for French Language Teaching - Short Entertaining Skits

Clicking on the titles below will take you to our English and  French language Teaching Resources downloads page.
All files are in the PDF format.

Zeus et l'abeille
Le Lion et la souris 

Déméter et Perséphone

Native American Myths:

T.V. and Movie Scripts

Sylvester et Tweety
Le Grand vol (Lone Ranger)


Star Trek
L'Empire contre-attaque