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A Chinese Folktale to Read and Perform

Try out one of Scruffy Plume's eBooks with your students. They will enjoy reading the Chinese folktale and performing the play with either puppets or live actors. You will enjoy the ready-made activities!

Yi, the Celestial Archer and the
Ten Suns - Simple English

Easy ESL version of the traditional
Chinese Folktale

This unit of study was based on the easy French version from Tibbi Tales and includes...

  • a simple narrative in the present tense with
    numbered prose paragraphs for quick reference
  •  play script based on the story text
  • question sheets to develop comprehension skills and sentence structure
  • sequence and finding proof exercises to reinforce comprehension
  • comic book blank form for students to demonstrate their grasp of main idea, sequence and detail in graphic  mode
  • concentration match game to develop vocabulary skills
  • teacher’s answer sheets for questions and games
  • word lists specific to the story for teacher

Yi, the Celestial Archer and the Ten Suns - Advanced Vocabulary

This unit of study retells the Cheses folktale in more advanced English and could easily be used as a full stage play or puppet presentation.

The booklet includes:

  • Play Script

Notes for Teacher

  • puppet Stage
  • puppets
  • mask performance
  • mixed performance

Vocabulary Study

  • Vocabulary List
  • Vocabulary Spaghetti
  • Vocabulary Blanks - Story Retell
  • Vocabulary Spaghetti  (Teacher Answer page)
  • Vocabulary Blanks - Story Retell (Teacher Answer page)

More Easy and Advanced Editions

Our Aesop Encore series of fables also comes in two versions. This can be helpful if you have ESL students studying with your class. You can print both the easy and advanced versions of the same tale so that the students who are new to the English language can join in the discussion and activities.

The ready to print stick puppet pictures are also terrific for encouraging oral participation.

Teaching French as a Second Language?

Both of these units are available in easy French as well. Yi, l'archer céleste, et les dix soleils can be downloaded from Scruffy Plume' Resources page. Visit our French Section to see some samples from Ésope encore.

As always... Add a little drama!