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Drama Lesson Plans

Drama Scripts or Spontaneous Role Play?

It's so difficult to fit drama lesson plans into today's over-stuffed daily schedule. However, drama activities can be integrated into many areas of the curriculum to support learning in many  subjects. Whether it is a formally scripted and rehearsed skit, an activity used to practise acting techniques, or drama games that encourage "thinking outside the box" you will find that there are many creative ways to...

Add a Little Drama to Learning

The Dramatic Classroom  

Sample Drama Lesson Plans for an Active Classroom

Ready to add some humour and save your valuable preparation time?

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The Dramatic Classroom.

Feel free to download the file to keep for future use.
There are also roles cards to print, including blank cards for you customize.

What Drama Lesson Plans are Inside?

1. Ho Hum to Ha Ha Ha!        
    - Practise performance skills while working on material to be memorized

2. Object Empathy        
    - A role playing activity with a twist

3. Spelling B-mote        
   -  Using the various drama performance skills when spelling words

4. Reading Sequence Scramble          
   - Present major events in a story in pantomime

5. Character Study        
   - Challenge students to become one of the characters in a story and act out how that character might react to a different situation

6. Freeze Frame        
   - Illustrate a scene from a story as a living picture or tableau

7.  Living Colour Poems        
   - A process for composing and dramatically presenting poems

8. Goldilocks and the Triangular Bears        
   - Tell the fairy tale by repeating the mathematical formula to be memorized

9. Geometric Body Sculpture        
   - Body Sculpture adds laughter to a geometry review of 2D and 3D shapes

10. Area and Perimeter        
   - Active game to practise the concepts of area and perimeter

11. A Bit of a Dramatic Stretch        
   - Body sculpture can exercise the mind and the body

12. To Live It Is To Learn It        
   - Simulation drama lets students feel as though they are actually living out a situation in real life

13. Research-Don't Just Stand and Deliver!        
   - Present  science research in play format

14. Simple Machines Save the Day        
   - Students work in groups to write a script for a rescue scene in the story of Rapunzel      


Activity Cards and Script To Print
   - Object Cards, Role Cards, Blank Cards

Sample Play Scripts and Skits to Teach Something Else?

  • Goldilocks and the Triangular Bears - Memory Tool
  • A Sticky Problem - The Invention of the Band-Aid
  • Little Red Rap - Campy Fractured Fairy Tale

Visit Scruffy Plume's Resource Page to Download Scripts

Looking for Puppets to Make with your Students?

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Aesop's Fables

Fables are short and easy to retell using puppets.

Aesop Encore

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