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English Idioms Explored

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No Bones About It - $15.00

No Bones About It

Classroom skits that illustrate the origins of some common English Idioms

Digging Up the past of the English Language with
Classroom Skits that teach about the
Origins of Common English Idioms

If we were to stop and really pay attention to our conversations, we would no doubt be surprised at how many idioms creep into our daily communications.

​While some of these phrases make sense to us, there are others that seem to be quite strange. Even though we understand their current meanings, the actual words make little sense to us. For example- "He really got my goat"- we understand to mean that he annoyed or upset me. Most of us, however, don't actually have a goat to be taken by someone else!

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What’s Inside?

No Bones About It presents 2 part skits to help your students learn about the origins of 10 of these strange English sayings.

10 skits - each in two parts

Scene One - Past - illustrates the origins of the idiom

Scene Two - Present - illustrates the current usage of the idiom


  •     Lock, Stock and Barrel
  •     Frog in Your Throat
  •     Giving the Cold Shoulder
  •     Getting Your Goat
  •     Keep Mum
  •     Let the Cat out of the Bag
  •     Stealing One’s Thunder
  •     Throw One’s Hat In the Ring
  •     Make the Grade
  •     No Bones About It


In “digging up” the origins of these idioms, I found that there were often differing opinions about how and when the words and phrases were first used and when they evolved into commonly used expressions in the English language.

I therefore chose the suggestions that seemed the most plausible and worked well for the drama.

Incidental Idioms

Each script also has a second hidden saying for the students to find. These are listed and explained in the teacher's information pages.

Creative Writing for Your Students

Challenge your students to find the incidental idioms, research their origins and write their own scripts to illustrate the historical usage and the current version of the English idioms.

Try a Little Linguistic Archeology with Your Students

These skits are fun to read with your class. They can  kick start some research, encourage creative writing and
add a little drama with skit presentations.

No Bones About It - $15.00

All of our eBooks are sold through Clickbank and come with a 60 day return policy.