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English Language Teaching Materials

Whether you are involved in English language teaching in a regular classroom program or teaching English as a second language, you will find materials here that will Add a Little Drama to your lessons by taking advantage of the fascination we all have for well-known tales - fables, fairy tales, myths and legends

Since language learning should focus on oral practice, our tales are retold in play script format for dramatic reading, classroom skit presentations with live actors or puppets, or as full stage productions. Activities included with the printable teaching materials also provide opportunities for written and oral practice.... with a touch of fun!

                  Note: We have not assigned grade levels to these materials since (particularly with ESL) they can be used at a variety of ages depending on your students' facility with the English language.

Click the links below to examine the available teaching materials.

English Language Teaching:

Tales to Read, Tell and Perform

Aesops Fables

Aesop Encore
 A series of 15 well-known fables in two versions with activities and puppets

Yi, the Celestial Archer

and the Ten Suns
 Easy and Advanced Vocabulary Versions with Activities

Mad Hatter's Tea Party
A Classroom Participation Play

Grimm Tales Less Grimm
3  Grimm's Fairy Tale
Stage Plays

William Tell
A Short Stage Drama
for a large cast

A Spectacular Magic Show
Classroom Skit and Activity

No Bones About It

Classroom Skits abou the origins of some of our common idioms

Johnny Appleseed's Gift
A Short Stage Drama
for a small cast

Cross-curricular Lesson Plans

It is often difficult to dedicate scheduled time to the teaching of drama skills or to just enjoy a good old sing-along, so we have provided some ideas to integrate both drama and music into the other areas of the curriculum. This allows you to accomplish several of your lesson goals at the same time while having a little light-hearted fun with your students. These materials are presented for English Language teaching, but many of the ideas can be used to add little drama in other languages also.

While the ideas are given on the linked pages, you can also download free copies of the booklets that contain all of the suggested lesson plans and Activity Cards.

Drama Lesson Plans
Ideas for Integrating drama into many areas of the curriculum
-  skit and playscript samples to download

Songs for Teaching Everything Else
Ideas for Integrating music into many areas of the curriculum
-  well-known songs and nursery rhymes for many grade levels