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French Language Teaching with Aventures en drame

Aventures en drame

Looking for play scripts for
French Club, Drama Group 
or classroom French?

French language teaching can be challenging when trying to find stories and play scripts written at a level that is easy enough for beginning students of French. These humorous plays were written specifically to meet this need and to help add some drama to learning.

You and your students will enjoy Aventures en drame, well known tales that will capture everyone’s interest and engender enthusiasm for actually speaking French with gusto!

This series of plays are presented as Duos or pairs of stories on a similar theme. Familiar tales have been written as play scripts to encourage oral participation by all students.

French Language Teaching-Aventures en drame
2 Tales in each series
 - $9.99 each

What’s Inside?

  • Two versions of each play - one with the narration in French;  the second with the Narrators' parts in English (This is very handy if the play is presented to a primarily English speaking audience, since it allows everyone to follow along more easily with the action of the play.)
  • Glossary for each play 
  • Organizational Lists in French and English- cast list and character descriptions- suggested costumes- props

See Some Sample Pages
Click to see samples from Aventures en drame

Duo fantastique

Aventures en drame Vol. 1


Meet Tickle and Tackle ........ new names, but still those nasty step-sisters!

Blanche Neige

A new take on the Handsome Prince.... .... a good looking young crime scene investigator who is studying to become a doctor on a prime time T.V. show is searching for a good tennis partner to play mixed doubles!


Duo légendaire

Aventures en drame Vol. 2

Robin des bois

The usual band of merry men led by Robin Hood foil the plans of the evil Prince John, the Sheriff and Sir Guy to ensure the return of the rightful king Richard the Lionheart.

Guillaume Tell

In the beautiful Swiss mountain setting, a strong, brave hero William Tell uses his amazing archery skills to rescue his family and the people of his village from the grasp of the treacherous governor Gessler.


Duo biblique

Aventures en drame Vol. 3

David et Goliath

Goliath, the nasty Philistine giant continually taunts and threatens the people of Israel. A young shepherd and future king of Israel bravely steps up to defeat the menace with a simple sling shot. (includes animal masks and music for David's harp)

Daniel et les lions

Young captive Daniel rises to become counsellor and eventually governor of the Babylonian kings. His success lands him in hot water with the other governors who plot to have him eaten by lions!

Bonus Script

La nativité

A Nativity play has always been a wonderful part of the Christmas celebration.

Some of the dialogue is adapted from the Gospels of Luke and Matthew in both French and English, and much has been simplified for those in the first stages of learning French.

Several Christmas carols sung by a chorus of angels support the action of the play. The resource section includes the Cantiques which can be reproduced for the audience to sing along.


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