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French Language Teaching with Fairy Tales

Fantaisies françaises

Fairy Tales in Easy French

Having taught for over 30 years, the creators of this series know how difficult it is to find reading materials that would be interesting and engaging for our students. Everyone loves the old fairy tales, but even the children’s versions in French are often written at a level that is too difficult for early learners of a new language. You end up spending too much time explaining the more advanced vocabulary, structures and verb tenses. You get stressed and the students get bored and restless! Their interest could be lost and…oh yes, you never really get around to the oral practice!

This Set of Fairy Tales is Different

Written and presented by teachers for teachers, Fantaisies françaises will help to solve many issues with French language teaching.

  • Saves you time in preparation and searching for materials
  • Accessible appropriate literature for beginning students of French
  • All in one package of lesson materials that you don’t have to spend time creating activities
  • Stories are well known already so it’s easier for students to follow the story line
  • Encourages oral participation even with reluctant students
  • Integration of the arts into the provided activities and games makes French fun and enjoyable for you and you students
  • No dictionaries needed – glossaries specific to each story are included
  • Downloadable e-books give immediate access to

Just Print and Go

French Language Teaching-Aesop/Ésope
5 Tales in each series
 - $5.99 each

What’s Inside?

Fantaisies françaisesis a series of

3 e-books

  • Each book has 5 well-known fairy tales in 3 versions
  • Numbered line narrative in the present tense for reading and discussion
  • Play script for active participation and oral practice
  • Sketchbook for students to do their own illustrations
  • Glossaries specific to each story
  • Added activity pages for each story

                     - Grammar Chants   
                     - Fill in the Blanks
                     - Verb Spinners
                     - Sentence Scrambles

See Some Sample Pages
Click to see samples from Fantaisies françaises

Série A

  • La Barbe bleue
  • Blanche neige et Rose rouge
  • Cendrillon
  • Hansel et Gretel
  • La Belle et la Bête


Série B

  • Jacques et le haricot magique
  • Le Chat botté
  • L'Oiseau de feu
  • Les trois boucs Bourrus
  • Sept d'un coup


Série C

  • La Belle au bois dormant
  • Le fuseau, la navette et l'aiguille
  • Le prince grenouille
  • Le Petit Chaperon rouge
  •  Raiponce


French Language Teaching Extension Activities and Games

This collection was prepared to accompany the tales in the Scruffy Plume series 
Fantaisies françaises and 
Ésope encore

A wide variety of individual, group and full class activities and games will encourage your students to eagerly participate in oral and written practice.

 Click to see list of activities 

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French Language Teaching
with Puppets

How to Make Simple...
   - glove puppets
  - marionettes
  - stages

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Aesop Fables in Easy French

Ésope encore

Short easy fables to
Add a Little Drama to 
French Language Teaching!

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