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French Language Teaching with Greek Myths

Mythes grecs

Traditional Tales for French Language Teaching

Take your students to the top of Mount Olympus with these enjoyable Greek Myths.

Retold in easy French for beginning language learners, the stories of the ancient gods and goddesses, with their disputes and often catastrophic visits to earth, will grab their attention and encourage enthusiastic oral participation.

 The numbered line narrative versions can be used as full class reading practice or as individual reading activities since the included glossary helps students to quickly find meanings for new vocabulary.

Once everyone is familiar with the story, go ahead and see how dramatic your students can be by performing the play script version.

Need some written activities?

Each story has comprehension and vocabulary exercises to 

Just Print and Go

 Greek Myths/Mythes grecs
5 Tales in each series
 - $7.99 each

What’s Inside?

Mythes grecs - 3 volumes

 Each eBook has

  •     5 Greek Myths
  •     Numbered line narrative
  •     Play Script
  •     Activities
  •     Teacher Answer pages
  •     French/English Glossary

See Some Sample Pages
Click to see samples from Mythes grecs

Volume 1

  • Prométhé
  • Pandore
  • Phaéton
  •   Écho et Narcisse
  •   Arachné


Volume 2

  • Orion
  • Daphné
  • Pan et Syrinx
  • Midas
  • Orpheé 


Volume 3

  • Zeus
  • Héphaïstos
  • Athène
  • Hermès
  • Psyche et Éros


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