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French Language Teaching with Scripts

Creating appropriate French language teaching materials is time consuming, so a little help is always welcome.

Play scripts offered on this page have been written specifically for use with students who are in the beginning levels of a French as a Second Language program.Using familiar stories and characters is a great way to introduce new French vocabulary and phrases. Combine this with an element of play and humour and you can grab the interest and enthusiasm of all of the students.

Getting students to participate orally can be a challenge, but give them a role in a humorous skit and fears of speaking French can melt away. Acting in short French plays gives students the opportunity to rehearse and perfect snippets of the French language, use actions, body language and props to make themselves understood - all necessary skills in learning to communicate.

Try out our Introductory Play Script packages....... 

Patricia Cash, an experienced teacher of French as a second language wrote the play scripts below to encourage the oral participation of her students. These short play scripts provided an enjoyable reading and performing experience for her students. Parents also looked forward each year to the humorous stage presentations highlighting their children’s progress in speaking French with a little drama!

You may make as many copies as you need for your class or French club and may perform the plays in class or on stage as long as you do not charge admission. For information about the material please contact the author.

Drama for French Language Teaching - Short Entertaining Skits

These Two Tale mini eBooks or Duos will give you and your students an entertaining introduction to the larger works Ésope encore, Mythes grecs and Glooskap.

Each Duo Booklet has the complete play script in easy French.

You will love saving time with the included activities, answer pages and glossaries!

Fable Duo:

  • Zeus et l'abeille
  • Le Lion et la souris 


Myth Duo:

  • Déméter et Perséphone
  • Arachné


Ojibwa Duo:

  • Mondawmin
  • Manitou

Your students will have a wonderful time becoming heroes and villains!

T.V. and Movie Play Scripts

The entertaining play scripts below are free for you to use in your classroom as reading materials, group skits or as free stage presentations for parents.

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All files are in the PDF format.

  • Sylvester et Tweety
  • Le Grand vol (Lone Ranger)
  • A-Team
  • Zorro
  • Star Trek
  • L'Empire contre-attaque

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Free French Play Scripts

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