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French Language Teaching with Thor

Thor Myths in easy French

Les aventures de Thor

Viking Tales in Easy French

Take your French language teaching on an adventure with the five tales in this ebook which pick up on the current popularity of the ancient Viking Myths. Enhance your reading program while encouraging oral participation with the included play scripts.

Thor will capture your students' imaginations as they play the roles of the mighty Thor, the elves Brokk and Eiti, the trickster, Loki, and the goddess Freya while they try to outsmart the enemy giants. 

  • Le marriage de Thor
  • Les béliers de Thor
  • La mitaine de Skrymir
  • La visite á Jotunheim
  • Thor va á la pêche

French Language Teaching - Thor
5 Tales plus activity/games booklet
 - $9.99

What’s Inside?

  •  5 stories
  • simple narrative in the present tense French with numbered text lines for quick reference
  • play script based on narrative text which expands and encourages the use of verbs in the conversational first and second persons as well as the narrative third person
  • sketchbook for students to illustrate and retell the story
  •  French-English glossary

Les aventures de Thor Activity and Games Booklet

The bonus 65 page Activity and Games book provides full instructions, printable game cards and teacher answer pages to save you time and help you to reinforce vocabulary and grammar skills in both oral and written French.  

Le mariage de Thor

  •  Les émotions
  • Expressions faciales
  • Jeu: lire les visages

Les béliers de Thor

  • Les béliers chantent !
  •  Le marteau tombe !
  • Masque d’un bélier

La mitaine de Skrymir

  •  Famille de mots
  • Completez les phrases
  • Les phrases folles
  •  Mots cachés

La visite à Jotunheim

  • Prouvez vos compétences- jeu
  • Cartes

Thor va à la pêche

  • Les synonymes et les antonymes
  • Récrivez les phrases
  • Un jeu de cartes: Va pêcher

See Some Sample Pages
Click to see samples from Thor

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