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Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales 

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Grimm Tales Less Grimm - $15.00

Grimm Tales Less Grimm

Stage Play Versions of Lesser-Known Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

Why Less Grimm?

A very old volume of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales that appears to have been published some time around 1900 inspired the writing of these lesser-known tales as play scripts. In reading through the book, I was reminded how truly grim and violent the original versions seemed to be. While it is possible to portray gruesome actions on stage without the actual shedding of blood, the violence is not necessary for the principal storyline to be maintained.

The Tales Less Grimm stage plays are intended to be more humorous, entertaining and less grim versions of the originals. As is fitting with the constant theme of the number three in Fairy Tales, each volume is a made up of a trio of plays.

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Grimm Fairy Tales and the Rule of Three

This volume carries forward the all-important rule with three tales, each with three in the title.

The Three Feathers - three brothers must meet the challenges presented by their father (the king) in order to determine which of them would be most worthy of inheriting the throne

The Three Heirs - three siblings must meet the challenge of taking the simplest of inheritance from their poor father and turning each seemingly insignificant item into something valuable enough to earn each a fortune

The Three Golden Hairs - three golden hairs are the final challenge for the young man given the task of retrieving them in order to keep the hand of his young bride and take the throne from the undeserving king

Each Script includes suggestions for staging, character, costume and scenery/prop lists to help with organizing and presenting the play.

Three Seems to Be the Magic Number!

Omne trium perfectum - Everything that comes in threes is perfect.

This general rule has been passed down through the ages and is applied in many situations. It just seems to be natural for human beings to fall back on the magical three when communicating.

For example:

  • Real Estate Agents - Location, Location, Location
  • Clothing Manufacturers - Small, Medium, Large
  • Comedians - A Doctor, a Lawyer and a Professor walk into a restaurant……
  • Educators - Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
  • Writers - Beginning, Middle, End

There is an appealing rhythm to the number three and it plays an important role in storytelling. Since the retelling of tales has historically been an oral tradition, the use of the rule of three was an important device to aid in remembering the characters and plots of each story.

A Trio of Fairy Tale Characters

Most tales have 3 characters involved in some way, even if there are 4 or more in the story. Often two will be evil and one good as in Cinderella and her step-sisters or two older and one younger (smarter) as in The Three Billy Goats Gruff or The Three Little Pigs

The Third Time’s the Charm 

Repetition builds suspense in a plot, but too much can be tiresome. The number three comes to the rescue again! Often there are three trials to overcome or tasks to accomplish before the problem can be resolved.  There must be two failed attempts in order to increase the drama before the third success which is the charm to end the story and allow the characters to live Happily Ever After.

Try out our Trio of Tales

These three Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales are fun just to read with your class or to perform as fully staged dramas.

Grimm Tales Less Grimm - $15.00

All of our eBooks are sold through Clickbank and come with a 60 day return policy.