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Stage Drama

These two popular tales, both with a theme of the apple, were originally written as stage dramas, one for a large cast, the other with a small cast of 7 people. They also can be used as part of a reading program, history study, music or to complement other areas of the curriculum.

A Tale of William Tell

A play script version retelling he legend of  Switzerland's dashing national hero. 

Our hero, William Tell, comes to the rescue of the townspeople who are being oppressed by the Emperor and his governor who demand that the people bow to a hat raised on a pole in the centre of the town. 

Refusing to bow down, Tell is confronted by the governor who demands that William, a formidable marksman with a crossbow, shoot an apple from the top of his son's head.

Will he succeed or will he use the second arrow to take his revenge on the governor?

Cast of Characters

  • Narrator
  • Townspeople (1-4): timid people of the town
  • Bailiff: an official of the Emperor with a loud, haughty, menacing voice
  • Soldier: member of the Emperor’s army- forceful, disdainful attitude
  • Giorgio: frightened baker on the run from the Emperor’s soldiers
  • William Tell: heroic archer of the town
  • Walter: William Tell’s youngest son
  • Wilber: William Tell’s oldest son
  • Governor: sent by the Emperor to control the people of the town
  • Woman: wife of a man who has been thrown in jail by the Governor
  • Townspeople: 6-10 people
  • Soldiers: 6-10 people

Johnny Appleseed's Gift

This stage drama retells the legend of the American apple tree planting hero. 

Set in the early 1800's on a trail west of the settled areas of the Eastern United States, the story follows a pioneer family who are trekking out through the wilderness to find fertile ground where they can settle and grow their own crops.

Along the way they meet up with a strange character carrying a bag on his shoulder and wearing a pot on his head and speaking only in rhyming couplets. 

Cast of Characters

PA: Father of the family of settlers, strong man used to the farming life, dressed in rough work clothes of the 1800's

MA: Mother of the family, quiet, watchful for her children's safety, dressed in long Pioneer style dress and bonnet

OLDER CHILD: Girl about 10 years old, confident with sense of humour, dressed in clothing similar to that of the parents

YOUNGER CHILD:  Boy about 8 years old, inquisitive, dressed in clothing similar to that of the parents

JOHNNY APPLESEED: tall and thin, very kind and gentle demeanour, dressed oddly in raggedy clothes with a tin pan for a hat and bare feet, bag slung over his shoulder, speaks in rhyme

NARRATOR Well spoken with strong voice

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Johnny Apleseed's Gift

Teaching French as a Second Language?

An easy French version of Johnny Appleseed is available for download on
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Look for 
Le Cadeau de Jean Pépin-de-pomme.

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